Home and Garden Tour

The Ginter Park Residents Association Home and Garden Tour Committee 2020 was hard at work developing this major fundraising event when the COVID 19 pandemic hit.  It was May 15, 2021, before the committee was able to host a re-imagined and safer event, Ginter Park Scene from the Street Garden Stroll, a neighborhood-wide celebrating the arts and gardens festival. Favorite elements of this event were the 2nd Annual Art Pop-up, the presence of the VMFA Artmobile at the event hub, some of the best of RVA Food Trucks, and, of course, the gardens.

The turn-out for this festive event, more than 350 visitors, was the result of a perfect confluence of lessening of pandemic cases and restrictions, perfect spring weather, and the appeal of the elements of this event.  The gross income from this fundraiser was $4200, some of which has been put to good use via a charitable contribution to Shalom Farms, as well as budgets for beautification projects and and cost-sharing with GPRA members for adopted city trees.

Will GPRA Host a Traditional House and Garden Tour?

The Ginter Park Residents Association has a history of showcasing the hospitality, iconic early 20th century architecture, and the gardener’s gardens of our neighborhood by hosting the Ginter Park Home and Garden Tour.  Every tour features a theme, which shapes the selection of homes and gardens and the special features of the event.

Some Ginter Parkers recall the pre-2009 Fall Harvest Home Tours.  Who can forget the 2010 event, A Voyage in Time, which featured Gilded Age architecture and antique automobiles, recreating the ambience of the 1920s?  Or the 2014 tour, Music in the Gardenwhen local musicians performed in the homes and gardens throughout the day? Or, the surreal Mad Hatter’s Tea Party theme?

If you would support the development of another Ginter Park Home and Garden Tour-either by serving on the planning committee or subcommittee, or by participating as a home or garden owner, then contact Susan at communications@ginterpark.org.  Perhaps you have an alternative event idea that you would enthusiastically help to develop? Please contact Susan.