Home and Garden Tour

The Ginter Park Residents Association has a history of showcasing the hospitality, iconic early 20th century architecture, and the gardener’s gardens of our neighborhood by hosting the Ginter Park Home and Garden Tour.  Every tour features a theme, which shapes the selection of homes and gardens and the special features of the event.

Who can forget the 2010 event, A Voyage in Time, which featured Gilded Age architecture and antique automobiles, recreating the ambience of the 1920s?  Or the 2014 tour, Music in the Garden, when local musicians performed in the homes and gardens throughout the day? Or, the surreal Mad Hatter’s Tea Party theme?

What event theme and ambience will the Home and Garden Tour 2022 Steering Committee create, and which of our neighbors’ homes and gardens will be open to tour on event day?  Stay tuned!

If you would like to join the team that plans and hosts this event, contact Susan Rebillot, communications@ginterpark.org to join the Steering Committee or one of the following subcommittees.  Find your fit, join the fun of planning this festive event and volunteer!

  • Hospitality Management
  • Docent Recruitment and Training
  • Sponsorship Relations
  • Floral Design Coordinator
  • Guidebook Editor
  • Marketing/PR