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Hello, Spring!  

The Ginter Park Residents Association Weekly Gazette is our way of  bringing the most timely information to you – neighborhood news, city news, legislative updates, local business news.  Please do send comments and suggestions to  about the Gazette and our communications. We are here to benefit you.

Neighborhood News

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A Message from the Board

Recently, we have received notices of your concerns about private property Codes issues, about needed sidewalk repairs, about the conditions in some alleys, about dead trees or trees dropping limbs, and about public safety/crime issue.  We are interested in all of your concerns and in solutions, so do communicate with us at for public safety/crime issues; to for Codes issues or questions about Special Permits or construction issues; and to for sidewalks, streets, wastewater, alleys, and trees.

Please do familiarize yourself with the RVA311 app, and do file requests with photos whenever possible for all but crime issues.   Save your report numbers.  If the issue is not reolved within 30 days, then send the report number to

Events Calendar

  • GPRA General Membership Meeting, In-person Meeting, Tuesday, April 12, 6:30 pm, UPSem Early Hall, 3401 Brook Road: How will recent General Assembly measures affect me? What city restrictions should I be aware of in planning an addition to my house or another dwelling on my lot?Delegate Jeffrey Bourne will answer the first question, and the City Planning and Zoning staff will explore the second at the Tuesday, April 12 general meeting starting at 6:30. Bring your questions! All residents of Ginter Park and Laburnum Park are welcome to the spacious Union Presbyterian Seminary Early Hall (originally Spence Library at the corner of Brook Road and Westwood Avenue), which is accessible with ample parking. Light refreshment will be served. Come meet your Board and volunteers, and mingle with your neighbors.
  • Ginter Park Garden Club Spring Market, Saturday, April 16, 10 am to 3 pm, Ginter Park Presbyterian Church: featuring the works of local artisans, a book sale, a bake sale, and both the Strawberry Street Cafe catering truck and Gelati Celeste!In 2019, with the money raised from the Spring Market, the Ginter Park Garden Club donated over $1,100 to various causes including the GPRA for neighborhood beautification, our two elementary schools for garden programs, Shalom Farms, and Nature Camp’s scholarship program.For more information, contact Cackie McCarty,

  • Scene from the Street Contest Judging April 23 to May 7 – Are You Ready?Ginter Park gardens are an important feature of our neighborhood character. It has become a tradition to have front-yard plantings for all passersby to enjoy.Between April 23 and May 7, a team of judges will stroll the entire neighborhood in search of Scene from the Street 2022 contest winners. They will search for a diversity of styles and approaches to front yard gardens–formal, informal, cottage, native, and shade garden.Winners are awarded gift certificates to help fund their passion for gardening.If you would like to serve as a judge or nominate a front garden, please contact Susan Rebillot,, 804-367-4529.

May 7, 10 am to 3 pm, Third Annual Art Popup!  1501 Wilmington Avenue:  come visit the funky deck and back garden of hosts Nancy Falcone and Mark Vasas to view and shop the colorful, unique creations of local artists and artisans. 

  • May 7, GPRA Neighborhood-wide Yard Sale, 8:00 am to 2:00 pm.!  Register now with organizer, Margaret Barre,

Chamberbrook Group Envisions Changes to Chamberlayne Corridor

Do you know about the Chamberbrook group and their vision to transform Chamberlayne Avenue’s area around Brookland Park Boulevard? It’s your Association’s role to provide opportunities for our residents to be informed citizens, so we encourage you to visit the following links for useful information and to then take the Survey.  We know that Ginter Parkers are interested in seeing crime reduced, improved housing, improved cleanliness, improved streetscaping, increased transit, and improved mixed-use small, local businesses in this area. Let’s learn about Chamberbrook’s vision. From their webiste:

Chamberbrook – The Gateway To Downtown Richmond

Chamberbrook is a movement dedicated to re-establishing the Chamberlayne and Brookland Park Corridor as the premier community of Northside RVA by providing residents essential resources, generating sustainable growth, and reinforcing an overall sense of community.”

Chamberbrook is curently composed of partners Storefront for Community Design; Hanbury; Form Coalition; Tactile Studios; Hardiman Advisors; Real Chances; and the Lift Group, an impressive group of community designers, architects, financial advisors, and others.

From Chamberbrook partner, Storefront for Community Design:

“The vision for Chamberbrook may have started in 2018, but it is still in its early stages so we are looking for community input to help develop a larger plan for the area considered to be Chamberbrook. This is a grassroots effort with a goal to improve the Chamberlayne corridor. Chamberbrook has built a team of design professionals and engagement specialists to assist with this planning phase of the project. The planning phase is part of a recent grant that was received by Real Chances from the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD). You can learn more by viewing the virtual community engagement kickoff meeting held on March 5. This meeting invite was also shared with all the civic associations in late February. Feel free to share with your residents to learn more about the process and next steps. You can also download the presentation. ”

Watch the Virtual Community Engagement Kickoff Meeting:

Attend the April 16 gathering and Take the Survey!

North Side residents and business owners, get involved in shaping the Chamberbrook Business and Arts District! Here’s two ways to join in:

Opportunity #1: Join us at Pollard Park on Saturday, April 16 from 11:00am – 2:00pm to discover initial thoughts for Chamberbrook and share your feedback.

Opportunity #2: Take the Chamberbrook Community Survey to share your ideas and feedback. Survey Closes on April 22.
Take the survey:

“Our team of community partners and designers look forward to hearing from you in the coming weeks!”

The GPRA Board has received some communications of concern regarding Survey questions regarding Pollard Park.  Let’s be fully informed about the Chamberbrook’s full vision; contribute ideas where we can; support those aspects that we believe will benefit our neighborhood and community; and express our concerns about aspects likely to have impacts that are not acceptable to us. GPRA is about connections, conversations, and citizen engagement

Neighborhood School News 

Ginter Park Elementary School has a new fence, constructed to enclose the schoolyard to prevent adults from wandering through the property during school hours and to prevent safety risks from debris left on school grounds.   The only access during daytime hours is through the school.  The fence is unlocked after school hours and on weekends, so that families and children can utilize the school playground.

Veritas is in the process of installing its long-awaited and desired sports field, a compex process involving many layers of foundation before bright green artificial turf is applied.  Here’s how it looks today from the third floor of Ginter Place!

City News

  • “The Big Broad Street Repaving,: from Ross Catow, Good Morning, RVA! Crews will begin repaving Broad Street and won’t stop until some time later this summer. This will be intense! From the release: “Paving will be a 24-hour operation, starting at 6 p.m. on Sundays and ending at 6 p.m. on Fridays and there will be some complete street closures.” If you’ve got to get around downtown—regardless of your mode of transportation—build in some extra time, especially these first couple of days as folks sort out what the heck is going on. As you can imagine, this paving project majorly impacts the bus system, Pulse included. GRTC has a list of detours and temporary stops up on their website, and the good news that Grace & 2nd, Grace & Adams, and Grace & Monroe will function as temporary stops for the Pulse.
  • It’s Monday, so it’s City Council Meetings day!  City Council has a budget session focusing on parks and the City’s revenue, an informal meeting, and then a formal meeting that includes a public hearing on the proposed redistricting map. During the regular meeting, Council will consider a long list of amendments to Richmond 300—RES. 2021-R026,  Second, Councilmember Jordan will introduce an ordinance to implement ranked-choice voting for the 2024 City Council Elections. Remember, that you can visit the City Council Meeting Agenda, schedule, instrutctions for participation, at

To view City Council Meetings:

Spring Events Around the City and State, Not to be Missed!

Saturday, April 30, 2022 8am-3pm. Carriage House Lawn. Find everything you need for your garden at Richmond’s favorite plant sale, Herbs Galore & More!