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City Services


Bushes on private property (Unsafe, blocking vision) 648-7448 (Property Maintenance)
Drainage on private property (Standing water) 648-7448 (Property Maintenance)
Fences in disrepair (Private property) 648-6419 (Property Maintenance)
Fences in disrepair (City property) 646-5733 (Parks & Recreation)
Fire Safety (Open burning, inflammable material storage) 646-6640 (Fire Department)
Graffiti, City & Private Property 646-1406 (Police Graffiti Hotline)
Grass (Weeds overgrown, private property) 646-6419 (Property Maintenance)
Grass (Weeds overgrown, city property) 646-5733 (Parks & Recreation)
Hazardous Water problems (Investigations & Follow-Up) 646-6660 (Fire Department)
Junk, Debris on Private Property 646-7448 (Property Maintenance)
Landscaping on City Property 646-5733 (Parks & Recreation)
Parking Enforcement 646-5700 (Finance)
Parking (No Parking, Signs, Hours) 646-1470 (Public Works)
Pest Control (Rats, Bugs, Mosquitoes) 646-3160 (Health Department)
Potholes, Paving 646-0999 (Public Works)
Sidewalk Maintenance 646-0999 (Public Works)
Signs/Posters – Unauthorized on Private Property 646-6340 (Zoning Enforcement)
Streets (Potholes, Paving, Manholes) 646-0999 (Public Works)
Street Lights – Outages 646-3000 (Public Utilities)
Street Sweeping 646-0999 (Public Works)
Taxes (Vehicle, Personal Property, Decals) 646-5690 (Finance)
Trash Collection (Special, Missed Pickup) 646-0999 (Public Works)
Trees, Bushes on City Property 646-0681 (Parks & Recreation)
Trees, Bushes on Private Property 646-7448 (Property Maintenance)
Vehicles, Inoperable on Private Property 646-7448 (Property Maintenance)