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Hello, April!  

The Ginter Park Residents Association Weekly Gazette is our way of  bringing the most timely information to you – neighborhood news, city news, legislative updates, local business news.  Please do send comments and suggestions to  about the Gazette and our communications. We are here to benefit you.

Events Calendar

First, for the fun stuff, but do scroll down for two important issues that will impact our neighborhood and Surveys with due date, April 22.


Thursday, April 26, 6:30 pm, GPRA District Reps Meeting, hosted by District Rep, S-1, Maggie Stewart, 3506 Seminary Avenue, on the front porch. 

Saturday, April 23, 10 am to Noon. Blessing of the Pets, The Hermitage, 1600 Westwood Avenue, click on the link to the flyer for all details. 

SATURDAY, April 23 AT 1 PM – 7 PM

Spring 2022 Porchella!

Bellevue Porchella is a neighborhood music walk designed to unite our community, and to celebrate Northside talent. It happens twice a year for Bellevue families and friends, with volunteer performers playing on the porches of Bellevue.
Grab more details, including an interactive map and schedule here:


Saturday, May 7, Third Annual Art Pop-up! 

This event was a huge hit last year, so don’t miss it!  Come view and shop the arts and artisan goods from local talent.


Ginter Park Neighborhood-Wide Yard Sale, Saturday, May 7, 8:00 am to 2:00 pm.  Register now with organizer, Margaret Barre, You register for the yard sale, do the spring cleaning, organize your sale, and GPRA Communications will create a map of the participating households and will promote the sale to 30 surrounding neighborhoods. Deadline to register: April 25-we must have sufficient interest to move forward! 

GPRA Board Meeting, Tuesday, May 10, 7:00 pm, St. Paul’s Catholic Church Fellowship Hall, open to the public. If you would like to be added to the Agenda to speak on an issue, please contact Susan Rebillot,

Saturday, May 14, The Hermitage Richmond, 1600 Westwood Avenue, Arts on the Lawn!

News about Projects with Impacts for Ginter Park – Take the Surveys!

Chamberbrook Group Envisions Changes to Chamberlayne Corridor

Do you know about the Chamberbrook group and their vision to transform Chamberlayne Avenue’s area around Brookland Park Boulevard? It’s your Association’s role to provide opportunities for our residents to be informed citizens, so we encourage you to visit the following links for useful information and to then take the Survey.  We know that Ginter Parkers are interested in seeing crime reduced, improved housing, improved cleanliness, improved streetscaping, increased transit, and improved mixed-use small, local businesses in this area. Let’s learn about Chamberbrook’s vision. From their webiste:

Chamberbrook – The Gateway To Downtown Richmond

“Chamberbrook is a movement dedicated to re-establishing the Chamberlayne and Brookland Park Corridor as the premier community of Northside RVA by providing residents essential resources, generating sustainable growth, and reinforcing an overall sense of community.”

Chamberbrook is curently composed of partners Storefront for Community Design; Hanbury; Form Coalition; Tactile Studios; Hardiman Advisors; Real Chances; and the Lift Group, an impressive group of community designers, architects, financial advisors, and others.

From Chamberbrook partner, Storefront for Community Design:

“The vision for Chamberbrook may have started in 2018, but it is still in its early stages so we are looking for community input to help develop a larger plan for the area considered to be Chamberbrook. This is a grassroots effort with a goal to improve the Chamberlayne corridor. Chamberbrook has built a team of design professionals and engagement specialists to assist with this planning phase of the project. The planning phase is part of a recent grant that was received by Real Chances from the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD). You can learn more by viewing the virtual community engagement kickoff meeting held on March 5. This meeting invite was also shared with all the civic associations in late February. Feel free to share with your residents to learn more about the process and next steps. You can also download the presentation. ”

Watch the Virtual Community Engagement Kickoff Meeting:

Take the Survey!

North Side residents and business owners, get involved in shaping the Chamberbrook Business and Arts District. Survey Closes on April 22.
Take the survey:

VDOT Changes to Route 1 Planned-Take the Survey (closes April 22)

VDOT is considering changes to Route 1 in Northside at a scale we rarely see – this is a critical time to weigh in to prioritize biking and walking safety and access.

Please ensure you review this survey and add your comments so we don’t let this opportunity to improve walking and biking safety slip by. There are opportunities to improve walking and crossing in areas of high need near the county line, and other significant changes proposed throughout Northside.

The survey closes April 22 – do not delay, they need to hear from you now.

Source: Sports Backers-Bike Walk RVA

More VDOT News

VDOT will host an in-person Public Hearing on the Fall Line Trail, an approximately 43-mile multi0use trail corridor that will begin at the crossing of the Appomatox River from Patton Park in Petersburg and will end at the terminus of the Trolley Line Trail in Ashland.

Tuesday, May 3, 2022, 5-7 pm, Lewis Ginter Botanicl Garden, Massey Conference Center Auditorium, 1800 Lakeside Avenue, Richmond, 23228.

GPRA Website Resources

The City of Richmond Planning and Development Review Team spoke at the recent GPRA Membership Meeting, April 12, and provided a Directory of contacts plus handouts of useful information regarding Zoning, Permitting, Codes Enforcement, Short Term Rental Facts and more.  We will update and Revise this website City Services page over the next few days, so do return to view the information and live links to City resources.

Was this Weekly Gazette useful?  We are always interested in your feedback, so please  direct your comments to Susan at