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Ginter Park Weekly Gazette – Tuesday, July 5, 2022

The Board and Communications team hope that you all enjoyed a safe, happy July 4 and long weekend.  It’s back to our business of bringing information to you that we hope is useful.

National Night Out, Ginter Park!

Tuesday, August 2

Ginter Parkers, let’s promote public safety awareness, engagement, action, and partnership with Richmond Police Department for National Night Out 2022. Visit the city website for information and to register your event with RPD. Registered events receive visits from RPD, RFD, City officials.

  • Please light your homes, interior and exterior lighting, Tuesday, August 2,
    from 6:00 – 8:00 PM.
  • Organize a neighborhood flashlight walk with your friends during that time.
  • Host a casual gathering on your block during that time. The city website offers ideas for Block Parties. 

Please contact Susan Rebillot, to register your event, so that we can disseminate some materials to you for your attendees, and so that we can report on your event.

Too hot for you? We will also promote National Night Out Tuesday, October 4.

Public Safety and 911 Calls

This morning, City of Richmond Deputy Director of Communications, Jackie Crotts, called in response to a letter of concern from our Board President regarding reported issues with responses and response times for 911 calls from Ginter Parkers. Here are the highlights of the conversation.

  • Whenever you call 911, you should always receive an answer-either a dispatcher’s voice, or a recording regarding call volume instructing you to stay on the line. There should never be no answer, nor a busy signal, nor a request for a voicemail-the system in place does not have those options.
  • You must stay on the line, even if you believe the wait is excessive. Call volume maybe high.
  •  When you wish to report a problem with your call to 911, email with your address, your phone number, the date/time of your 911 call, and the problem that you experienced. If it was wait time for a dispatcher, or delayed routing to first responders, be specific about length of time. Please copy your emails to

The Board remains without a Public Safety Chair, but please keep the Board informed about crime related issues by emailing  and we will respond. It’s the Board’s mission to support a safe and secure neighborhood.

Traffic Safety

The Board is aware of several areas of the neighborhood where residents are concerned about the safety of streets. Neighbors in Laburnum Park have communicated concerns about cut-through traffic and speeding between Hermitage and Brook Road along Palmyra, Laburnum Park Boulevard and Wilmington Avenue. Neighbors on West and East Seminary are concerned about speeding and traffic on no-through-traffic-designated blocks. Neighbors in the 3800 block of Moss Side Avenue are concerned about speeding.

Here is a link to a Map of Traffic Calming Installations within our Association boundaries created by City office of Traffic Engineering.

Ginter Park Neighborhood map.pdf[24169]

The Association Board applauds residents for reaching out to Traffic Engineering for interventions to address trafic safety concerns. Any resident may file a new request for a traffic calming installation by using the RVA311 app; select New Request, then Roads Alleys and then Request  New Feature. Be specific and detailed in describing the traffic problem and the loation of the problem. Be specific about the action that you are requesting, such as “add all-way stop sign at,” or “Speed Table.”

You will receive a response to your request within 7 days; the response will be “completed” meaning that it has been assigned to Traffic Engineering. In 2021, neighbor campaigns for traffic calming devices were successful in two areas of the neighborhood by following up with Traffic Engineering with letter/petitions with supporting neighbors’ signatures and a supporting letter from the GPRA Board. An all-way stop sign was added in Laburnum Park and speed tables were approved and funded for Moss Side Avenue between Ladies Mile and Westwood Avenue; on Westwood Avenue, between Moss Side and Montrose Avenue; and on Montrose Avenue between Ladies Mile and Westwood Avenue.

A trafffic study/analysis may be required to assess your request, and an altrnative to your specific requested intervention may be selected by Traffic Engineering.

You may send your request to City of Richmond, Public Works, Traffic Engineering, Attention Travis Bridewell, Operations Manager

900 E. Broad Street
Richmond, VA
23219 USA

804-646-5745, office.

We encourage you to copy your request to

GPRA Participation in City Adopt a Tree Program

GPRA continues its tradition of offering assistance to residents who wish to adopt a City street tree, and GPRA will share the cost with dues-paying Members. However, our Tree Team has remained a two-person team, so you must request assistance and share of cost by sending an email to

We will no longer disseminate letters and Applications to all homes with potential opportunities to Adopt a Tree. Please include your name, address and telephone number in the email. We will complete a site visit; review the City Tree Map; and provide an Application with highlighted items for you to complete, plus a letter of instruction. Return the Application and your check payable to GPRA with Adopt a Tree in the topic line by August 15, please. 

The Tree Team maintains a copy of every Application and check plus a spreadsheet and coordinates followup with the city Senior Arborist to insure that all Applications are fulfilled.

Our Neighborhood is NOT a Heat Island, Because…

We are so fortunate to live in a neighborhood that has had the resources, organization, and privilege to develop and to replenish a beautiful tree canopy that keeps us cooler and our environment healthier than in some other neighborhoods in the city. Visit this link, if you are interested in the issue of heat islands in Richmond.—-scotts-addition-jackson-ward-manchester—/

Help us to keep our canopy lush and healthy by watering young city street trees April through October for the first 2 years of their lives. Hot, dry months of summer are particiularly brutal for these young trees.

Here is a link to Richmond Tree Stewards website tree care information and a video about watering using gator bags.

Summer Tree Care

City and 3rd District News

City Council 

Full Council Meeting July 25, 4 pm and 6 pm

For information about City Council Meetings (schedule, agendas, links to virtual meetings), visit:

To sign up to speak at any of these meetings, please call the clerk’s office at 804-646-7955 or submit a letter to be entered into the record by emailing:

To watch City Council Meeting: or dial *67-804-316-9457 and enter ID: 414 783 957#.

City Boards and Commissions have Openings, and Applications are due July 15:

Find an interest nd volunteer! Make Coucilor, Ann-Frances Lambert aware of your application,

  • Advisory Board for the Assessment of Towing Fees
  • Advisory Board of Recreation and Parks
  • Aging and Disabilities Advisory Board
  • Board of Fire Appeals
  • Central Virginia Waste Management Authority
  • Clean City Commission
  • Community Transportation Advisory Committee
  • Board of Directors of the Economic Development Authority
  • Human Rights Commission
  • Maggie L. Walker Community Land Trust – Advisory Panel
  • Maggie Walker Initiative – Citizens Advisory Board
  • Minority Business Advisory Board
  • Participatory Budgeting Steering Commission
  • Richmond Behavioral Health Authority
  • Sister Cities Commission
  • Urban Design Committee

Personal Property Taxes Due Date Extended by City Council Action

City Council unanimously approved the extension of the 2022 due date for both personal property (vehicle) taxes and machinery & tools taxes. Taxpayers now have until August 5, 2022, to pay these taxes without incurring penalty or interest.

All online, in person, or mail payments made/postmarked on or before August 5, 2022, will not be subject to penalties or interest.

Please visit to pay online. If you have questions or need additional assistance, please call 311.

From Councilor Ann-Frances Lambert’s July Newsletter


New ATM – Azalea Ave. 

In addition to a lack of healthy food options, the 3rd district has a dearth of banking options as well. That’s why I supported Ord. 2022-219, adopted on June 13th, which will allow for a Chase Bank ATM machine at 1114 Azalea Avenue. City Staff found that:

  • the proposed use would complement the commercial uses recommended by the Corridor Mixed-Use land use designation of the subject property
  • and that the proposed use would not be detrimental to the general welfare of the community involved
  • and would not create congestion in the streets in the area involved.

The property is located on the northeast corner of the intersection of Seminary Avenue and Azalea Avenue. The proposed Special Use Permit authorized a freestanding ATM within an existing shopping center parking lot. Approximately 1,200 ATM transactions per month are anticipated, typically one car in queue at a time.


Public Safety Committee Meeting

The next Public Safety Committee meeting will be held on Tuesday, July 26th at 12pm. The agenda is has not been uploaded to the City’s website yet, but please click here in the coming days to see it.


Office of Aging and Individuals w/Disabilities-Take the Survey! 

Senior Connections Survey

As the designated Area Agency on Aging for our region, Senior Connections is tasked with the development and enhancement of comprehensive, coordinated home and community-based services for older adults. The Area Plan for Aging Services serves as the blueprint for the work of Senior Connections and is the official funding application to the Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services (DARS).

Currently they are in the 4th year of their Four-Year Plan that covers the time October 1, 2022 – September 30, 2023. As part of the annual Area Plan Update, Senior Connections is seeking input from you that will help them define their priorities and ensure their programs address social connections, social determinants of health, greatest needs as well as help individuals age successfully.

Please take a few minutes to click here to participate in their survey. The survey deadline is Monday July 11th.

The Ginter Park Residents Association Weekly Gazette is our way of  bringing the most timely information to you – neighborhood news, city news, legislative updates, local business news.  Please do send comments and suggestions to  about the Gazette and our communications. We are here to benefit you.