Westwood Tract - Upcoming meeting

Watts Hall Chapel (building #3 on the map in PDF)
6:30 P.M.
October 22, 2015

Please see the attached flyer regarding an informational meeting at Union Presbyterian Seminary, scheduled for 10/22/15, regarding UPS motion before the Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) of the City of Richmond.

Seminary Notice of Meetings (PDF)

Westwood Tract Update : August 24, 2015

Westwood Tract Update 08-24-15
Westwood POD Signed Comment Letter 1st Review
Zoning verification letter

Westwood Tract Update for MAY 4, 2015:

As you all may know, a number of people in the community have been working over the last six months to develop a plan to save from any future development, the 19 acres of the Westwood Tract that were not slated for development in the Seminary's plan. During this same time, the possibility of accomplishing this through a conservation tax easement was studied for the whole 34 acre parcel, in order to avoid any development at all. Unfortunately, the effort to preserve the entire parcel has not been successful, as UPS has elected to proceed with the plan that they presented last October for the eastern portion of the site.

Below is the press release regarding the Westwood Tract which was sent out on Thursday, 04/23 at 3:42 PM by the Seminary. Near the bottom, there is a link to an FAQ site with details regarding the project. The plan appears to be that which we were last shown in October, wherein they reduced the 4-story buildings to 3-stories, and reduced the number of units from 349 to “up to 310”.

We have requested the City Planning Dept. advise us as soon as the Plan of Development (P.O.D.) is filed, so that any interested persons can review it at the same time the City does so. The City will review the P.O.D. for zoning, traffic, utilities, storm water management, initial landscaping, fire and police related issues, then these comments will be returned to the developer for revisions and/or responses. Building permit review will not be a part of this submittal, so detailed plans of the individual buildings will likely not be included. However, the detailed layout of the development as well as the street views of the building elevations will be part of the P.O.D.

Also, should you have questions / comments which you wish to direct to UPS, there is an e-mail address in the press release.

Finally, given the fact that UPS did give very serious consideration to applying the conservation easement to the entire parcel, one would think UPS would be even more inclined to apply it to that remainder of the tract for which they currently have no plans. We therefore plan to pursue this option in order to preserve the remaining 19 acres of the site.

Stephen Weisensale, AIA, CSI, Chair, GPRA Planning & Zoning Cmte

Union Presbyterian Seminary Press Release

Union Presbyterian Seminary to develop portion of Westwood Tract