Adopt a Tree, Keep Our Tree Canopy Beautiful!

Deadline August 10, 2023!

January 9, 2023

Dear Neighbor,

Every year, the Ginter Park Residents Association  assists residents who live within our Association boundaries to adopt City street trees as a volunteer service to you and and to keep our commitment to keeping our neighborhood tree canopy lush and healthy. If you are a dues-paying Member of the Association, then we also share the cost of the trees with you. 

The City of Richmond paused the Adopt a Tree Program in 2022 to reorganize, and we are awaiting the re-launch. Stay tuned.

  1. Email with your name, address, contact information. And your interest in adopting a city tree.
  2. The Tree Team will research the city Tree Wells adjacent to your property, and will then provide a letter and Application to you with the Application partially completed.
  3. The Tree Team will suggest tree species from the recommended city list for your spot, taking into consideration the designated tree well size, whether there are power lines nearby, and the species in adjacent tree wells. The city Arborist will make the final selection.
  4. Please complete the highlighted portions of the Application and attach a check made payable to GPR, ____ for each tree that you wish to adopt. Return the completed application, check, and your comments about preferred tree species.
  5. All Applications and checks are due by August 10. The GPRA Tree Team keeps a copy of your Application and check on file, and delivers all Applications, a spreadsheet, and one check from GPRA to Richmond Urban Forestry.
  6. The Tree Team follows up with the Senior Arborist regrding fulfillment of our order, planting dates, and works to resolve any issues that may arise. The Arborist may reach out to Applicants to discuss a location issue, tree selection issue, or any other issue that must be resolved.

Any resident in the City may independently apply to adopt street trees. Go to, print the Letter and Application, and use the Interactive Map to identify the Tree Well numbers for your vacant Tree Wells. Complete the application process as instructed.

IMPORTANT! When you sign the Application, you are agreeing to properly water your trees as recommended. Trees are guaranteed for 1 year from the date of planting, ONLY if you have properly watered the tree and it did not thrive. Deadline to return Application and check made payable to GPRA: August 10.

Warmest regards,

The Tree Team

Susan Rebillot, Tree Steward in Training

Teresa McGurn Davis, Certified Tree Steward

John Morse, Certified Arborist

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