City Housing and Homelessness Resources

The Inclement Weather Shelter, administered by Catholic Charieties, will eventually move to a permanent Home on oliver Hill Way in the future.  The temporary location is at the Quality Inn on N. Arthur Ashe Jr. Blvd.

General inquiries regarding operations of the current Inclement Weather Shelter, Quality Inn, on N. Arthur Ashe Blvd:

Sherrill Hampton, Director of Housing and Community Development:

Jay Brown, CEO of Commonwealth Catholic Charities:

Referral of non-emergency public safety concerns can be relayed to RPD’s HOPE team, who specializes in working with the unhoused population in the City:

Officer Jason Kuti:

Officer Matthew McHugh:

General inquiries regarding services for unhoused residents:

Issues regarding trash accumulation:


If you are interested in participating in or contributing towards a coordinated clean up in the area or generally in your neighborhood, reach out to the Clean City Commission.

If you are looking for general contact numbers:

To reach CCC for information on the Inclement Weather Shelter: 804-285-5987

To reach the Homeless Connection Line (offers trained diversion specialists for individuals experiencing or about to experience homelessness): 804-972-0813

If you would like to donate time or resources towards the operations and services at the shelter, please contact Jay Brown at the email listed above.

This information was added to website January 14, 2022, and the Resoure was City Council District 2, Sven Phillpsen.