GPRA develops and maintains positive partnerships with Richmond Police Department, 4th Precinct, and Richmond Fire Department leadership and officers in order to maintain good public safety in our neighborhood.

The Public Safety Chair, Mary Ann Batsche, is responsible for :

  • developing relationships and communication processes with RPD and RFD;
  • for keeping our residents informed about public safety issues and information;
  • for facilitating solutions to public safety concerns in our neighborhood.

The Public Safety Chair and Volunteers may plan Annual Night Out activities or other activities that promote public safety awareness.

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Organized under Public Safety is the Traffic Committee, currently led by Jonathan Oliver. The Traffic Committee assesses traffic safety issues within the Association Area and collaborates with City of Richmond Traffic Engineering to generate potential solutions.  This team looks at the neighborhood and traffic patterns and trends as a whole in order to avoid piecemeal solutions that shift problems from one avenue to another.

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Photo by Fred Golod