We Recognize and Thank Our Generous Sponsors!

Together, We Can Do More!  Our generous Sponsors donate funds that are earmarked for neighborhood Beautification Projects, for our Adopt a Tree Fund, for Social Gatherings and Events, or for our General Fund.  Sponsors’ donations help us to do more to benefit our neighborhood. We recognize and thank them here.


Social Gatherings and Events Sponsors

Many thanks to our  very generous neighbors and local business that have contributed in so many ways to our social gatherings this year! These events included the many porch parties, The Member Apprecciation Garden Party, the Progressive Garden Soiree, the Anual Picnic and General Meeting, and  the Annual Meeting and Chili Cookoff. We could not have done it with out their generosity! Please be sure to thank them when you see them.

Porch Parties

Robyn and Bian Bridges, Barry Griffin and Pam Bishop, Julie and John Mallory, Maggie Stewart and Mark Clark, and Nancy and Mark Vasas

Member Appreciation Garden Party

Kurt Christiansen and Andrew Wilder

Progessive Garden Soiree

Annual Picnic and General Meeting

Shalom Farns

Annual Meeting and Chili Cookoff

  • Location Hosts:
    • Shawn Smith and Karen Bernhard
  • Tent Sponsors:
    • Prudence Justis
    • Missy Bass (First National Bank)
  • Nonalcoholic Drink Station:
    • Michael Durrer with Assurance Partners Insurance Sales
  • Raffle Baskets:
    • Ginter Park Neighbor Basket;GPRA house and garden flag combo, notecards donated by artist and neighbor Becca Rosner, tulip bulbs donated by Linda Miller
    • Date Night Basket; $50 gift card to Henley on Grace, red and white wine donated by neighbor Sarah Bergh
    • Health and Fitness Basket;Lakeside Park Club donated foursome round of golf worth $360. Ultra Slim of Virginia donated 5 red light treatments worth $1,000.
  • Miscellaneous Donations:
    • Three different succulents planters by Fancy Nancy and neighbor Nancy Falcone
    • $25 gift card to Little House Green Grocery in Bellevue, bud vase and ceramic heart donated by neighbor Nancy Falcone
    • $15 gift card to Up All Night Bakery in Bellevue
    • 4 Lyons dessert sauce toppings donate by Nancy Falcone, Lyons sales rep
    • Ace Handyman Services and Renovations for matching the chili cookoff prize money which increased the prize from $25 to $50 for each category.


Beautification Sponsors

GPRA Beautification Team created two new monument marker beds on Chamberlayne Avenue in 2018, and in the past 5 years, renovated and began maintaining 19 beds on Brook Road that the City stopped maintaining. In Spring 2022, we partnered with neighbors to renovate the traffic calming islands on East and West Seminary Avenue. We are about enhancing the beauty of our neighborhood.  Your Sponsorships and volunteerism make it happen!

Rick Jones and Mervyn Han, Brook Road neighbors, whose generous Sponsoship funded the renoation of the  East Seminary Avenue traffic calming island.

Dr. Steven Welton, Seminary Avenue neighbor, has contributed planting materials and hundreeds of spring bulbs every year since 2017 for the Chamberlayne Avenue monument marker garden beds and Brook Road beds. Steve was the first leader of our GPRA Beautification Team, and continues to be generous with his donations and his energy. 2022 was no exception!  Steve ordered and organized 900 sassorted spring bulbs-splashy varieties of Narcissus and Tulips, and led teams of volunteers in planting them. We will enjoy an abundance of spring color in our green spaces in 2023!

Azalea Garden Center-the McLaughlin Family, our favored local garden center for many years, donated flats of Pansies and Snapdragons, to our Beautification Team for planting in our landscaped beds and at Ginter Park Ele4mentary School.  These plants are winter-hardy and will then grow and provide spring color, too. Thank you, Mike McLaughlin and family for your generosity!


Adopt a Tree Sponsors

Every spring, the GPRA Tree Team completes a survey of our canopy, noting vacant City Street Tree Wells. Then, we assist neighbors who wish to apply for trees for medians adjacent to their homes. GPRA pays 50% of the City fees for trees adopted by GPRA Members. Generous Sponsors to our Tree Fund make it possible to plant more trees every year, sponsoring trees in areas of our neighborhood that are missing a significant number of trees, contributing to keeping our canopy lush.

2020-21 202-21 Planting Cycle

Chris Hilbert and Shelia Mandt, 2 Cherry trees at the Seminary, 3401 Brook Road

Susan and John Rebillot, 3 Cherry trees, the Seminary, 3401 Brook Road

Teresa McGurn Davis and George Davis, 1 Maple Tree and 1 Cherry Tree, Palmyra Avenue, Ginter Place

Carroll Jamieson, Palmyra Avenue neighbor, 1 Cherry Tree, Palmyra Avenue

2021-22 Planting Cycle

Julie Davis O’Kelly, Noble Avenue neighbor, 6 trees for a tree-less stretch of Montrose Avenue

Cackie Trippe MCcarty and Patrick McCarty, Palmyra Avenue neighbors, 4 trees for a treeless stretch of Montrose Avenue

Teresa McGurn Davis, Ginter Place neighbor, 1 Maple Tree for Gloucester Avenue

Susan and John Rebillot, Ginter Place neighbors, 2 Maple Trees, Gloucester Avenue

Social Gatherings and Events Sponsors 2022

Nancy Falcone and Mark Vasas are very generous neighbors,  contributed foods for the Cinco de Mayo Party and the decadent dessert buffet for the Jingle and Mingle Holiday Cocktail Party in 2022. In 2021, they donated the nibbles and sweets for the 2021 Holiday Party. GPRA thanks you, Nancy and Mark, for your generosity!

General Fund Sponsors 2022,