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“Fall has always been my favorite season. The time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale.”    Lauren DeStefano, Wither

The autumnal equinox arrived this week. There is so much to take pleasure in during Fall-cool, crisp temperatures, brilliant blue skies, leaves of red-gold-orange, long walks, seasonal foods, and Fall festivities.

Progressive Appetizer Night!

A Culinary Adventure through Ginter Park!

Adventure with a rotating group of neighbors to five homes in Ginter Park Enjoy some libations (beer and wine) Nosh on Greek, Mexican, Caribbean and Scandinavian appetizers Make memories with old and new neighborhood friends End the night with sweet treats and a nightcap!

October 22, 2022 – 6:00 to 10:00 pm

Order your tickets now! Go to (click here)

Once you order your tickets, you will receive an email with all details. Don’t miss this memory-making event! This is a fundraiser-support your neighborhood association!

Coalition of Northside Neighborhood Associations Forms to Support Common Interests

The leadership of the Ginter Park Residents Association, the Rosedale Civic Association, the Bellevue Civic Association, Sherwood Park Civic Association, Jackson Ward Civic Association and Hermitage Road Historic District, have organizxed under the leadership of Grady Hart, Prresident of the Rosedale Civic Association, to represent the Northside in relationship to City development and other projects.

The Fall Line Trail

We hosted a Northside Fall Line Trail Public Meeting, September 19, attended by roughly 125 citizens, with speaker Dironna Clark, Office of Equitable Transit and Mobility. “A safe, connected, equitable, multi-modal transit and mobility system is what we envision,” Moore Clarke said, in the following article about this new city office.  

Other special guests included City Council Members Katherine Jordan and Ann-Frances Lambert; VA Delegate Betsy Carr and an aid to Delgate Jeffrey Bourne; and Brantley Tyndall, Sportsbackers.

The bottom line at the conclusion of the meeting is that $92 million in funding for the Northside segment of the trail is still lacking, and designs for this segment will not be considered until then. The original VDOT deesign may be viewed on their website and has elements that are objectionable to northsiders, such as removal of sidewalks, mediasns and tress along the east side of Hermitage Road.

  • Recap of major themes
    • First and foremost, we (the seven CAs involved and our members) want to continue to have a voice throughout this process, from finalizing the route to influencing design decisions, and we appreciate Dironna publicly committing to make sure that happens.
    • We fully support the City’s efforts to secure funding from the state, and welcome any opportunity to engage in support of receiving state funding.
    • Critical design priorities for our neighborhoods include minimizing existing tree removal/destruction (thank you again to Dironna for committing to this publicly), maximizing safety with things like smart street lamps and call boxes, and ensuring that parking and other amenities along the route are clearly marked and ‘dummy-proof’.
    • Other priorities include ensuring there is a maintenance plan to care for the trail (such as regularly cleaned trash/recycling receptacles) and intentional signage to help support local businesses.
  • Follow-up items we would like from Sports Backers and/or the City and elected officials:
    • One or two ways that we can directly support the effort to ensure that Richmond gets our fair share of funding (Letter(s) of Support, calls to VDOT and/or elected officials, etc.).
    • A general timeline of when we can expect more direct community engagement efforts to begin, and how we can support the City in setting these meetings up for success.
    • WATCH for a follow-up Survey regarding your interests in the Northside Trail segment design. Here are links to information:

Diamond District Northside Coalition Public Meeting

Monday, October 10, 6:30 pm, Linwood Holton School

Presentation and Conversation with RVA Diamond Partners Group

(RVA Diamond Partners is led by Thalhimer Realty Partners, Washington-based Republic Properties Corp. and Loop Capital of Chicago)

Be engaged, be informed and join the conversation! The Northside Coalition of Neighborhood Associations has scheduled a public meeting with the development team for the Diamond District project, specifically so that northsiders can ask questiions and express any concerns regarding the anticipated impact of this new mixed-use neighbohood on our neighborhoods. At the September 21 public meeting-where the response to the design was predominantly positive- questions were posed regarding traffic patterns, connectivity to adjacent neighborhoods, access to the public parkland within the Diamond District, new hosuing choices, demolition of the Arthur Ashe Recreational Center and lack of replacement of the activities for school children and youth.

Hosting a Halloween or Fall-themed Block Party?  

Ginter Park Ghosts, Ghouls, and Goblins, or, just lovers of all things autumnal, if you are hosting a Halloween or Fall-themed Block Party, please email the details, so that we can visit to photograph the festivities for the Newsletter and Gazette! Looking for financial assistance for the permit to close your avenue for the event? Email us now. 

BOO Your Neighbor!

Click on this link for instructions!

You’ve Been Booed! How to Boo Your Neighbors for Halloween

Families sneak special treats onto neighbors’ or friends’ porches after dark with a note attached saying “You’ve Been Booed”. When a family gets “booed”, they have two days to “boo” two other families, spreading the fun. BOO your neighbors, and let us in on the fun! Send photos of your unique Boo Bags to or post to our facebook group!

Decorating for Fall or Halloween?  

Send your photos and your address to, for inclusion in our October Gazettes!

Favorite Fall Festivals or Day Trips, Favorite Fall Recipes

  • Submit your favorite fall festivals or days trips with a bit of details about why you love them;
  • Submit a favorite fall recipe!
  • Submit a favorite fall tradition.
  • These will be shared in our Weekly Gazettes.

The mission of the Communications Team is to bring you useful, timely information. We welcome your feedback.