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Ginter Park Gazette-Thursday, January 19, 2023

The mission of the Ginter Park Gazette is to bring you timely announcements of meetings and events, as well as neighborhood and city news that is pertinent to our neighborhood. It is provided free to all subscribers. The 2023 plan is to publish twice monthly, based on Survey results. The monthly GPRA Newsletter will continue, with our first edition expected to hit inboxes around February 3. The communications Team is always open to your feedback and suggestions.

GPRA Annual Survey Closes

Thank you to all households who responded to the GPRA Annual Survey and for taking time to write thoughtful suggestions and areas of interest where you would like to volunteer. The form closed to responses last evening. We are working to complete a concise summary of the results to you. Stay tuned.

GPRA Hosts Community Meeting on Public Safety, Thursday, January 26, 5:30 pm

GPRA has heard your concerns on our Facebook group page and in email communications. Do join us for a  crime update, prevention tips, and conversation with RPD 4th Prccinct Lt. Robert Flemiug. Be engaged, be informed, be part of the solution.

The St. Pauls’ Catholic Church Fellowship Hall is the single-story brick building adjacent to the church rear parking lot. There is ample parking, and the building is accessible for all. Doors will open 5:15 pm.

To volunteer for the GPRA Public Safety Committee, contact Chair, Mary Ann Batsche,

District 3 Community Meeting, Hosted by Councilwoman Ann-Frances Lambert


  • Tuesday, January 24, 6 to 8 PM
  • Richmond Police Academy, 1202 W. Graham Road, Richmond, 23220

Special Guests and Topics:

· Kathy Burcher, Advantus Strategies

· City of Richmond’s 2023 General Assembly Legislative Agenda

· Rick Edwards, Interim Police Chief, Richmond Police Department

· 2022 Crime Stats – Citywide and 3rd District

· 2023 Crime Priorities

·RPD Initiatives to Enforce Traffic Safety 

· Bobby Vincent, Director, Department of Public Works

·Laburnum Ave. Widening Project

· Neighborhood Traffic Management Program

· A.P. Hill Intersection – Next Steps

·Chamberlayne Ave. Speeding

·Dironna Moore Clarke, Administrator, Office of Equitable Transit and Mobility

·Bus Rapid Transit Update

·Jay Brown, Executive Director, Commonwealth Catholic Charities

·Chamberlayne Ave. – Homeless Shelter Update

Brookland Park Community Clean Up

Submitted by Candace Blydenburgh, GPRA Member-at-Large:

Here’s an opportunity to volunteer and to be a good Northside neighbor!

very 3rd Saturday of the month.

We’ll be concentrating on our quaint business corridor.
Please wear comfy, closed toe shoes or boots for safety.
Pickers and bags will be provided.
We meet at the Family Dollar on 2917 North Ave. See you there!

Neighborhood Traffic Safety Update

In 2022 and easrly 2023, GPRA has received your concerns about traffic safety in a variety of areas within our neighborhood. All are on our radar for study and formulating recommendations. Jon Oliver is our Traffic Safety Committee Chair, and we will alert you to neighborhood-wide and specific area meetings.
GPRA is collaborating with our Bellevue and Rosedale neighbors through their civic associations and the Coalition of Northside Civic/Neighborhood Associations regarding the intersection of Hermitage and Laburnum Avenue and the approved Laburnum Avenue Parking Improvement Plan (previously named, the Laburnum Avenue-Widening Project).
GPRA representatives will attend a multi-neighborhood meeting January 20 to discuss these projects of concern. On January 18, we learned the following updates from the Richmond Safe and Healthy Streets Commission, where City Council Districts 2  Councilwoman and 3 Liaison and City Traffic Engineering staff were present:
  • In June or July, 2023, construction will begin to install a hybrid beacon pedestrian crosswalk at Monticello and Laburnum Avenue to improve safe crossing. The beacoin will have a red light, so that all traffic must stop for pedestrians.
  • The Laburnum Widening Project model is 60% designed, total cost to implement $1.3 million and lacks $880,000 to implement. Councilwoman Jordan presented her opoinion that this project will not be fully funded for at least 3 years due to other priorities, one of which is the Hermitage-Laburnum Avenue intersection. Here is a link to a googledoc description of the project.
  • The update from the Commission regarding the Hermitage-Laburnum Avenue intersection is that a new ordinance will be presented to City Council to reverse the previous ordinance that currently prohibits a round-about at that intersection. Councilwoman Jordan reported that a study of the intersection is to be completed, and that City Council would like all options for road design to be available.

We thank neighbor, John Hamilton, for attending the Commission Meeting and speaking about traffic safety issues for pedestriansd and bicyclists in our neighborhood.

Next GPRA Board Meeting:

  • Tuesday, March 14, 6:30 pm
  • St. Paul’s Catholic Church Fellowship Hall, 909 Rennnie Avenue
  • Board Meetings are structured to complete Board business, but are open to the public. Guests may participate when recognized, and residents may request an item/presentation be placed on the Agenda. Please provide request 10 days prior to the meeting date to
Would you like to host or share ideas for social gatherings or volunteer for the committee?
Please contact Prudence Justis and Melissa Oefelein, Co-Chairs for Events and Social Committee,
Would you like to volunteer to be a Block Captain or District Rep to engage and inform others and facilitate communication of neighbors’ interests to the Board? 
Please contact your District Rep, or Prudence Justis, Chair, District Reps,